Publicity Services

Regional and national campaigns including events, and print, broadcast and online media.

I have worked with fiction, nonfiction, YA and children's books with a specialty being nonfiction niche markets. My authors have been placed on some of the top shows in the country on both radio and television, and in some of the top national and regional print publications. In order to be most effective, contact me as early as possible. It really can’t be too early. Six months or more before publication is best if you want pre-publication buzz and reviews, and because my schedule generally fills months in advance.

Publicity Campaigns - I need to see a synopsis and three sample chapters before moving ahead with an author. Due to time constraints, please contact me before sending your materials. Please know that my current clients come first, so response times may vary (you'll appreciate this when you are a client!). Fees are based on each individual project, so I cannot list an a la carte menu of services. We can arrive at a plan and a fee structure that will suit your needs. Currently accepting only one project at a time, so please inquire early.

Publicity Plans - Contact me to write a comprehensive, customized publicity plan for your book. We can also discuss a Publicity Potential manuscript analysis or platform development. Whether you hire me to execute or not, the plan is yours.

Publicity Consulting on an hourly basis. If you would like to have someone on retainer to simply help you with promotional materials, handle events or do media research, I can help you. If you don't feel that you want to hire out a full campaign, contact me and we can discuss smaller chunks that I can help you with. Email me to enquire about this popular option.

Social Media Expertise

If you want a social media presence but don't know where you should be or what you should do once you get there, drop me a line. I can manage your social media presence and advise you on what to do. I can give you tutorials, give you ideas to update your posts with fresh, creative ways to capture your audience's attention, and increase your visibility so that you are actually talking to people who care. Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. You might also check out my Social Media Demystified class at the Loft for a good general overview of where you could be and where you should be.

Event Coordination and Promotion

From a regional author tour to a local fundraising or arts event, I can help put together an event and promote it. I have coordinated everything from craft shows to golf outings to author tours, and promoted events such as award dinners, drama productions and multi-day festivals. I'll get it together and get it out there, so you can enjoy your event and mingle with your peeps!



Do not send me unsolicited books. Do not call me after your initial book launch has failed, or six months after your book is out. Do not ask me to work for a percentage of your book's sales. I don't do sales or agenting, which means I will not be able to help you get your book in to stores or get you a contract with a publisher. Do know that there are no guarantees in publicity, but I work personally and specifically with all my contacts, and my personal relationships are the core of my business. Please also know that I only work with books that I personally believe in 110%. If I agree to work with you, I will do everything I can to get your book the coverage it deserves.

For book publishing services, please send a short synopsis of your book, at least three sample chapters, and for nonfiction, a table of contents. Please include information about your prospective launch date and what you hope to accomplish in terms of your book. Do not send entire manuscripts or book covers or any other large files (I will delete these messages unread). The best way I can determine if we can work together is if you give me information about what you are trying to accomplish and what your timeline is.


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