Manuscript Critiques, Editing and Project Management

I offer manuscript critiques and editing. Reasonable rates and a practiced eye means peace of mind for you. I specialize in substantive/developmental editing and manuscript critiques.

Substantive Editing: When your manuscript is complete, but you know it is not finished. The substantive edit typically deals with large chunks of the manuscript; this is not a detailed copyedit. This will typically include things like character development, story arc/flow and voice. For nonfiction, we would look at flow and how well the manuscript completes your objective. I will also consider marketing comparables and how well you fit within your genre. I specialize in niche nonfiction but also work with fiction. Includes detailed comments and an editorial memo. Editing typically includes two passes: this is a team effort, and usually includes some back and forth communication.

Manuscript Critique: Like a less detailed version of a substantive critique, for when you need another set of eyes on the overall form of it, or if you are stuck on some point. This can cover any concerns you have; I work from your list as well as my own. Includes general comments and a complete report (typically 3-5 pages). Turn-around for this is one month. This is not a back-and-forth, but a good way to get a handle on certain aspects of your work.

If you are stuck, need feedback, or just want another eye on your pages, please contact me.

If you do not need manuscript services, consider using my publicity services. Often I am contacted for publicity by an author after the book is published. It greatly increases the odds of success for a publicity campaign if you contact me during early manuscript stages.

Project Management may entail finding vendors and getting bids, sorting through print options, editing, hiring the creative team (designers, photographers, writers, etc), managing workflow with them, and advising on publication logistics. I have been the managing editor for five different periodicals, including a quarterly book review journal, a highly-regarded quarterly international economic research journal, and newsletters of various frequency.

Recent editing clients include author Cynthia Bahr (spec fiction), author William Lanoue (spec fiction), consulting company Aveus (business), author Del Hoppe (thriller), author Mary Firestone (YA fantasy) and others. Recent book projects that I have managed (which also included editing duties) have included The Lake Owen History Book, with the Lake Owen Association (which included a calendar fundraising project), and Tell the Truth and Tell It Slant, a family memoir by Lenore Hale. Both of these were hardcover books with several dozen photos.

There are a great many details that need doing, from getting an ISBN to coming up with a title. If you are not sure where to start or just need a practiced hand, I can help you. Scheduling, budgeting and strategic planning are my strengths. There's no better feeling than holding that finished book in your hand. Let me help you make it a reality.


"The feedback I got from you upon reading my manuscript last July was the most valuable piece of advice I received, and my rewriting that first chapter made for a much better book. Thank you."

- June Anderson, author, The Shaman Stone


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